about me

Hi,my name is Eric Roy Harris,but everyone calls me Harry.I was born and live in a small village called Sutton Courtenay,in Oxfordshire.I am 65 years old and how I got this far,I do not know! I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer and served my apprenticship at UK Atomic Energy Establishment in Harwell,Oxfordshire between 1965-1974.A fact of which I am very proud.

My hobbies are restoring old vintage lorries and of course photography.My greatest passion is for landscapes and then wildlife,but I take images of anything I find interesting. I'm semi-retired and now have more time to follow my persuits.I am also an optimist and easily amused by the little things in life,like the way people and animals react when they first meet me.I am a member of Oxford Photographic Society,where I have some fantastic friends;log on to ( www.oxfordphotosociety.co.uk ) In the Links section. To see some awsome images!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and feel free to leave a comment in the guest book.Not only good comments,if you don`t like my images,praise and criticism both make you stronger!

Remember,never look back,the past is a wilderness of horrors.

I'm just a country boy at heart and thank you for your time.

Harry Harris